Posted February 13

Auditions for SAG Student Short Film



Lionheart is scheduled to shoot March 8-10 in Nashville, TN. No pay but food, copy of film, and screening invite provided.

*Note any scheduling conflicts.



In 2264, Lionheart must guide to death three Zerbanites who would otherwise be immortal, but first they must find bodies to inhabit during their death.  This is a journey of four beings discovering what it is to die like a human.




Lionheart- 26 (600), F, strong willed, independent, upbeat, young at heart, “Giver of Death” The only being with the ability to bring Zerbanites to their deaths.


Grackle/Oubastet- 42 (281), M, Grackle is a wise professor of modern nature who has been attempting to study the near extinct sunflower for the majority of his older life.

Oubastet, who takes control of Grackle’s body, is a proud former King of Zerban.


Rowley/Keto- late 20s-early 30s (236), F, Rowley is a student with a lackadaisical attitude.

Keto, the Zerbanite who takes over Rowley’s body, is the nagging companion and Queen of Oubastet.


Palvin/Adela- 24 (106), Palvin is a shy intern with an insatiable curiosity about life.

Adela, who assumes control of Palvin’s body is a political activist from Zerban who is accused of wrongs against the government.


Auditions will be held:



February 17   3-6 pm

at Watkins College

550 Great Circle

Nashville, TN


*If you have any questions contact Brianne Kathlean at