Posted Feb 17, 2014

Name: Julianna Lighty


Subject: Actors and actresses needed for extras

Message: Hello,

   Kris Wente ans Kyler Wilson recommended that I send a casting
notice to you for a short film this Saturday. 

    KW KW Productions is now casting for extras for their upcoming
short film entitled "Presenting Shakespeare's Julius Caesar". The film
will be shot on Saturday, February 21st from 6-9pm in Smyrna. 
    The film follows one man's struggle to overcome the loss of his
wife. By taking on her duties as the community's deaf theater
director, he hopes to find the strength to move on. 
     We are looking for actors and actresses between the ages of 14-25
to be high school students. This is a non paid gig, but we will
provide a copy of the finished product for reels. You will also be
taught some sign language for the scene. 
      Please send a headshot and resume to 

Thank you for your assistance!
Julianna Lighty