Posted March 14, 2015

Taping the Day Player Audition – Saturday, April 11

This workshop is for actors 18 yr+ who are auditioning regularly and self-taping for film, television and commercials. The audition process in this area of the country has changed. The ever-growing market in Atlanta, the Carolinas and the southeast has established a different game. Auditioning in front of a casting director is no longer the norm. More and more, you as an actor are expected to self tape your auditions. This workshop will focus on mimicking that self taping experience, while sharpening your skills to better navigate our ever-changing industry and refining your talents specifically for the day player audition experience. This is a rare opportunity to work with Kim in a fun, creative, career-enhancing workshop.

This intensive workshop will include:
The primary focus of this intensive is taping the day player auditions that are currently so prevalent in the Nashville, Atlanta and Southeast markets. Much like a request for a self-taped audition, participants will be given scenes/sides specifically chosen for them and will submit a self-taped audition prior to the workshop. At the workshop, we will review those self-tapes as a group and critique. We will look at what worked, what didn’t work and Kim will encourage you to examine the choices you made and discuss how to improve on those. We will explore the challenges of self-taping, how to establish a believable character with 5 lines and little to no background information.  How to make your most interesting and creative choices while taking risks that make sense for you and your character, and ultimately how to decide which is the best take to submit for your audition. Giving you a competitive advantage to excel at your taped audition and be the stand out amongst the dozens of other submissions. Following a Q & A, we will discuss headshot styles and I will share with you simple strategies that work in directors session and more.

Saturday, April  11

11am to 5pm with 1 hour break 1:30pm-2:30pm

Location –

Hampton Inn Greenhills

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