Posted July 18, 2016

Production title: Woodland (WT)
Union / Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Independent 
Project length: Short Film (10 minutes)
Project format: 4K
Posted on: July 18th, 2016
Production location: Nashville, TN
Production Company: 
Director: Tyler W. Childs
Producer: Megan Winn
Audition Location: Digital Submission
Shooting Location: Nashville, TN
Compensation: Unpaid (Film Festival Screen Time and IMDB Credit)

Auditions: Please email your headshot and resume to
Shooting Starts: Aug 26, 2016
Shooting Ends: Aug 28, 2016

“Woodland” is a film about four young boys adventuring in the wilderness. When the youngest of the group claims to have seen something fall from the sky, the four go and explore an abandoned mill in the middle of the mountains only to stumble upon a mystery that ends up healing their paralyzed friend. 

Character BIOS

Tommy is a natural leader and the oldest of the group. He is a protector that will do what it takes to keep his friends & family safe. While sometimes he may come off as a little harsh or demanding, he has a heart of gold and only has good intentions.
Danny is the little brother of Tommy and the youngest. He is small for his age but doesn’t let others push him around. He looks up to Tommy and aspires to be just like his big brother. Danny is one of the most compassionate kids in town and is known for how well he treats others, he even let Tommy play video games with his computer so he can use sites like to improve his gaming. He is the one that convinced the group that he saw something fall from the sky and insists he is telling the truth.
Bryce has been friends with Tommy for years. He is a chunky kid with a personality as big as he is. He follows Tommy faithfully, but almost always whines about what ever it is they are doing. Bryce can be loud and annoying at times, but he always provides comic relief within the group. He doesn’t believe Danny saw anything.
Jackson was born with a deformity in his spine and has no leg functionality. While he is bound to spend his whole live in a wheelchair, he has an excellent outlook on life. His chair doesn’t hold him back from hanging with the guys and living a normal life. He is a small kid with a huge smile, it seems that nothing can get him down. He is a great encourager and always helps others to see the silver linings in life.