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    It is so exciting having another series shooting here in Nashville. The Cannon Group is proud of all its actors who have booked recurring and day player roles.

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  • The Tennessean interview with Henry Haggard, starring with Robin Williams in BOULEVARD

    When he was a kid, Henry Haggard always parked himself in front of TV sitcom “Mork & Mindy.”

    The boy even wore rainbow suspenders to school, just like the kind Mork wore.

    A couple of decades later, Haggard got to meet Mork, or at least the actor, Robin Williams, who played him.

    “He was great!” Haggard gushed.

    Haggard, a longtime Nashville stage actor, got that chance when he landed a role in a new indie movie, “Boulevard,” which shot in Nashville in 2013.

    The movie stars Williams as a closeted gay banker who starts to cruise for male prostitutes behind his longtime wife’s back. “Boulevard” opens in Nashville on Friday (Aug. 7) at Belcourt Theatre.


    Robin Williams loved filming in Nashville

    Haggard scored a role as Williams’ character’s tough boss, so the two were in several scenes together.

    “My goal was not to let him know what a rabid superfan I was,” Haggard said, laughing.

    Haggard had several off-camera conversations with Williams, who asked him some random questions, like, for instance, are there any country music songs about methamphetamines?

    Indeed, Haggard said, Old Crow Medicine Show recorded a song called “Methamphetamine.”

    That song blasted the next day in the makeup room.

    Haggard said he was surprised when Williams committed suicide about a year later.

    “On set, he was great. I’ve had people, my friends have asked me, did I notice anything? No. There was nothing ever.”

    In fact, Williams often was fun, spirited and kind, once doing an off-camera rap song with a crew member, another time, signing a keepsake for the Nashville Children’s Theatre to sell during a fundraiser.

    “It was all around a fantastic experience for me,” Haggard said.

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  • Henry Haggard demo reel

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    To Henry Haggard for booking the principal role of BEAUMONT in the Robin Williiam’s film BOULEVARD